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Photographe autodidacte, c’est en 2010 que je fais le choix de devenir professionnel et laisser la photographie et l’imagerie numérique prendre une part très importante dans ma vie. En 2011, je remporte la première place au concours international lancé par le magazine PHOTO (catégorie Mode). Cette reconnaissance me conforte dans ma volonté de pousser toujours plus loin la technique, je me se crée alors un book solide et un style identifiable me permettant de répondre à mes premières commandes. Parallèlement, je mets ses connaissances au service de plusieurs magazines et mes travaux se retrouvent partagés dans les blogs internationaux les plus influents (Fstoppers, DIYphotography…).


Self-taught photographer, in 2010 I has decided to go professional and let photography and digital imagery become the center stone of my life. In 2011, I won the first place in the international competition launched by the magazine PHOTO (Fashion). This recognition confirms my willingness to push my techniques forward, I has since then created a solid book and an easily identifiable signature style allowing me to do my first orders. In parallel, I put in use my knowledge and mastery of photography as a contributor for magazines and sees saw my work shared on international famous blogs (Fstoppers, DIYphotography…).


Antoine Willaeys is a great fashion, portrait photographer and retoucher from France. He has superb skills, honestly. He did his first shoot at the age of 15 so we can see how dedicated he is towards his job.

– crispme.com

He is incredibly talented and seems to show quite the personality in his work. We love his use of humor and cinematic use of setting, imagery and expression but we also are very impressed with his detailed layers of each of his photos.

– framednetwork.com